Empowering Noncitizen's Through Technology

We Redefine How Noncitizen's Communicate With Family and Friends

What We Offer


Noncitizen Phones

Talton’s Noncitizen phones are designed for correctional institutions and offer complete end-to-end calling solutions.

Talton’s technology is developed exclusively for the corrections market by a dedicated and proven development team.



Talton offers state-of-the-art tablets for our Noncitizen's. As the smartphone has taken over our communications in the public sector, the tablet is the equivalent for the incarcerated environment. Our tablet offers games, reading materials, grievance forms, messaging, video, law libraries, and movies. The content is limitless and can be adapted to your particular facility.


Coins 2 Cash

Convert coins to cash in grocery, convenient stores, banks, or credit unions. Add New Spendable Dollars (Average of $200,000 Per Year) Per Store while incurring no upfront or ongoing expenses. Receive an income stream back on the coin counted and attract new customers by having a competitive advantage over other stores.


Trusted Partner with the US Government

Talton has a proactive relationship with the United States Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), the largest investigative arm of the Department of Homeland Security. Talton was awarded a national contract for the installation and maintenance of telephone services at all ICE correctional facilities throughout the country.