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Talton communications provides

Inmate Phones

Talton’s Inmate Phones are designed for correctional institutions and offer complete end-to-end calling solutions. Talton’s technology is developed exclusively for the corrections market by a dedicated and proven development team.

Driven by the leadership of its experienced management team to focus on the basics of providing quality services, Talton supports correctional institutions for inmate calls including specialized call processing, fraud control and validation, automated clearinghouse, pre-paid and direct billing services as well as a user friendly interface.

Talton Communications' goal is to provide correctional facilities with easy and flexible functionality, value, and quality services to maximize the effectiveness and efficiency of inmate calling.

Inmate Kiosks

Talton offers state of the art payment kiosks that are standard offerings on jail facilities in excess of 100 inmates.  These kiosks take cash and credit cards that we place in the lobby of the jail.  Friends and family may place funds directly into an inmate’s account free of charge.  Depending on the commissary provider, our kiosk may also work by allowing friends and families to place funds on commissary accounts as well.

Pay Phones

Talton owns and manages over 1,000 payphones in Alabama, Georgia, Florida, Mississippi, and Tennessee.

With services like:

  • Direct dial product to Mexico for just $.25/min for all of its U.S. public payphones.
  • $.10/min long distance rate to the U.S. on all of its U.S. public payphones.
  • Free “Hotlines” On All of Its U.S. Payphones. Talton has posted helpful speed dial number for toll-free calls on all of its U.S. Payphones. The program is free to the user.

Why Do I Need a Payphone For My Business?

  • A payphone can be installed normally at no cost and in some cases can earn a commission for your business.
  • The payphone has been around for 100 years. To the public they are familiar and easy to use.
  • Your customers and employees will expect a payphone to be available.
  • In some cases cell phones can inhibit equipment or other technologies and pay phones are the only safe way to make a call.

WWISP :: Integrated Voice & Data Solutions

OneComm™ Talk
Save up to 40% on your current phone bill.

With the OneComm™ Suite we’ll combine your phone, fax, voice, Internet, e-mail and wireless for one bill, and one provider to call for help. Our system is infinitely scalable up and down and we future proof your business with risk free replacements and upgrades.

OneComm™ Connect
Turbo Charge your Internet.

Reliable high-speed internet access and email communication is a NECESSITY for successful businesses today.

Our company is comprised of dedicated, hardworking Internet professionals that seek to offer its customers cutting edge products and services.

OneComm™ Secure
Your Data is safe with us.

WWISP's data center located in Birmingham, Alabama is the right choice for companies looking for a state of the art data center for their Disaster Recovery and Back-Up solutions. WWISP protects you against natural disasters since we are located more than 250 miles from the Gulf coast as well as benefiting from the security of being served by Southern Company, the most reliable electric utility in the country.

More than anything, Talton is known for it's customer service and fast technical support. If you have a communication technology need Talton has a solution. Give us a call today 1 800 685 1840 toll-free